About Us

Raghava Constructions is a leading construction company in Amaravathi that has executed construction work for some of the most significant projects in the CRDA. 


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Our story

Welcome to everyone, Raghava Constructions. is the ideal choice if you are in search of general construction companies in Amaravathi. The company has achieved excellent reputation through all these years and this is an ongoing process as it continues to build a good reputation by quoting competitive pricing, keeping the integrity and giving the right concern for each and every customer’s respective requirements. We keep the customer satisfaction on top priority for achieving a target. We believe in Thought Leadership and continuously strive to find better solutions and technologies that can help us deliver superior projects.

What we do

From small to large projects, our goal is to increase the function of your home or business, making it a beautiful well-designed space. We strive to understand the needs of our clients and implement the most cost effective solutions. At Raghava Construction, we seek to build quality homes and businesses while providing attentive customer service. We work closely with the subcontractors and suppliers to make sure your home is built to your and our standards.

We understand building a home can be stressful for the customer. We make every effort to ease your anxieties and concerns while construction is under way.